Approvals and registration of replica cars

AC Cobra, Jaguar C-Type, D-Type, XJ13, XKSS, Porsche 550, Speedster, GT40, McLaren M6, Lola T70, kitcars, and many more. There are too much to list them all. Drop us a line, to get your car registered in Europe

Register replica vehicles in Europe

What really makes the fascination of classic cars? Since opinions vary widely mentioned in this context:

# Nostalgia
# The good old days
# The sophisticated yet manageable technology and mechanics
# The loving, individual design
# The roar of the engines

Certainly, this list can be continued for a long time and an argument from the other is not, but it's probably all together, which is currently the boom in the vintage cars and kitcar replicar cars.

However, such vehicles are sometimes worth a fortune. Only the famous sports car AC Cobra is well traded over one million euro to prices. Not only racing cars like AC Cobra fascinate people. For example, a Hotrod from the period 1932 to 1934 is one of the most popular models due to its unforgettable style.

The small, spartan Super 7 (Lotus Seven) sports cars, as well as the glamorous Jaguar C-Type and succession Jaguar D-Type, all sports history. The curvy "wildcat" impresses today with grace and elegance. The Jaguar XJ13 and Jaguar XKSS are all taken well into consideration, without exception.

This list of superlatives, which incidentally affect the prices could continue for a long time here. Meanwhile, we came to a point where many car lovers, the slightly cheaper option, replica cars and follow Kitcars.

It is the stated goal of at least optically replicate an expensive vehicle or create an individual model that exists only once in the world. The pleasure of screwing with the prospect of Kitcars exceptional exotic gives us back the pride that can never be achieved in the evil killing of zeros and ones on the screen job.

The automotive industry has now recognized this trend and now offers a wide-ranging kitcar collection. Meant vehicles under replica replicate externally largely true to the original, must be met with the technical equipment of all modern standards. The best example of this is the new edition of the Ford GT40.

By the virus of Kitcars the English were attacked first, today is the interest in Europe is on high demand. However, there are always problems, these vehicles in the registry, after all, Germany is not only a pioneer in the automotive industry, but also in strict regulations with regard to road safety. No wonder then that many similar cumbersome and time-consuming and nerve-wracking "road to Canossa" leave the professionals from

If you want to know, if your dream car can be registered, please drop us a line.

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